SNOWLAND direct cooling block ice machines well sold to many countries around the world.

Since the summer of 2019, global temperature increased steadily, even broke the historical temperature record. In summer season, block ice becomes a necessity of people’s life, especially using for vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping, aquatic products preservation and so on.

Guangdong SNONLAND Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is located in a famous manufacturing city FOSHAN. In 2019, SNOWLAND launched a new direct cooling block ice machine with patented technology to the market, it has the features of lower power consumption, faster ice doffing and more cost-saving, which won good reputation from many customers. In oversea market, our products exported to Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. SNOWLAND engineers overcame all difficulties and closely cooperate with the customers, to complete the installation and debugging of the machine on-site outstandingly. The new machine can make block ice successfully, which is praised by our customers. They all are satisfied with SNOWLAND ice machine with stable performance can make solid block ice with low ice temperature, and SNOWLAND engineers’ hard-working and being conscientious and careful in their work.

“First-class quality, first-class service and first-class performance-price ratio” is our firm responsibility, we take the maximum demand of customers as our responsibility and the satisfaction of customers is our eternal goal. Constantly working towards the aim of “To be the first-class refrigeration equipment company”.


Post time: Aug-14-2019
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