SNOWLAND company launching a solution for the automatic large-scale ice making plant

Under the circumstances of the global economic uncertainty, but the concentration of leading enterprises is constantly increasing in many industries. Such as some automatic large-scale ice making plants have newly been set up in ice making industry. So SNOWLAND company has taken the lead in launching solutions for automatic large-scale Ice making plant, higher efficiency and easy operation.


1. Full automatic making block ice, saving labor cost and time

2. Power consumption 50 kWh/ton, saving electricity.

3. Full automatic block ice delivering from cold room, loading process

4. Supply ice storage room, ice crusher and ice conveying system and other accessies.


Suitable for people:

Be mainly suitable for ice plant, vegetable,fruit and aquatic products transportation,chemistry.


Technical parameter:

Daily output: 50-1000ton Block ice

specification: 2-100KGS Power

consumption: 50 kWh/ton


Post time: Sep-05-2019
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