As the weather gets warmer and the demand for ice cubes increases, it is time to buy an ice maker

The spring of 2020 seems to be extraordinarily long. The rapid spread of the covid 19 virus’s has exceeded people’s expectations. Since March, the earliest outbreak of virus in mainland China has successfully controlled the spread of the epidemic. In the diagnosis data that has soared abroad, we have already Start resuming production.

The current epidemic has greatly affected our lives. Everyone has become accustomed to buying fresh products through online platforms, and there is more demand for the distribution of vegetables, fruits and aquatic products. Most agricultural products are delivered through long-distance transportation. As the weather slowly turns hot, the problem of rot and deterioration in long-distance transportation of agricultural products will be inevitable. The use of ice cubes to cool down is a common practice to keep agricultural products fresh. Vegetables can be kept in the freshest state at around 20 degrees.

The block ice machine and various ice machines produced by Snowland Ice Making Equipment Co., Ltd. have many customers in more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Its ice-making machines, especially direct-cooling ice-making machines and flake ice machines, are at the leading level in China. The ice machine produced has a high speed of de-icing, less electricity cost and stable quality. The ice cubes produced by the ice machine have high hardness, low ice temperature, and resistance to melting, and are unanimously praised by customers.

Post time: Apr-16-2020
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